WP Modal Login is a WordPress plugin by Cole Geissinger that brings a customizable modal login window to the front-end of your WordPress powered theme.

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Due to my lack of availability, I am unable to support and continue development of this plugin. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to take it over.


Test drive version 2.0.3 today! Use Demo Demo to test drive the actual login. Currently, there is no preview for the admin page for the plugin. Soon!

The demo below is using the Shortcode feature to place the login within the post content.

What is a “Modal Window”?

A modal window can be thought of as a modern day “pop-up window”. This is a window that is displayed through an action such as the click of a link or a button. In this plugin, we use this technique to present an easy to use form that is highly accessible for the users of your WordPress site.

Why Do I Need This?

By default, the login form for WordPress is tucked away in a URL that isn’t the easiest to remember. In my past, I have done many tricks for my clients so they can easily get to the login page of their new website. Not all were great at remembering the special URL they had to manually type into the address bar of their web browser. I tested many plugins too, I’ll admit, this isn’t the first or only plugin out there like this. Over all, I wasn’t happy with what I found so I made my own.

Version 2.0 is here!

With version 2.0, you can “officially” add a login button anywhere. You can add this to any widgetized area in your theme, add it in any page or post through the post editor, or you can add it with PHP into the location of your choosing.

New Admin Page!

To handle the growing list of features, we added an admin page to allow you to tweak your modal window even further.

WP Modal Login Admin Page

Better Customizations

You now have pre-built themes to choose from. At the time being, there are three themes, Default, Theme 1 and Theme 2 (great naming scheme right?). With every release we’ll roll out a new theme for you to choose from or you are welcome to add your own custom CSS code to over write the themes default.

If you’re extra brave, you choose to load no theme and add your own custom CSS code now!

WP Modal Login Theme Selection

Default Theme

Default Theme

Theme 1

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 2


The forms are now all handled over Ajax! What this means is the data is submitted behind the scenes without the need of a full refresh of the site. With this you are now able to login, register for an account (if the option is enabled within your WordPress Settings), or reset the password to an account! The modal window will provide the proper message if things were successful it’ll let you know, or if things didn’t go right.

WP Modal Login Ajax Login


More Customizations…

With some awesome advice from some users we added more options to take this plugin to the next level. In version 2.0 you have the option to enable the shortcode generator in the post editor, enable or disable the widget function and now an easier way to add via PHP.

How to Add with PHP

With the latest 2.0 release, things have been simplified for developers to add the modal window in any location with PHP. We have created a new function that allows you to easily add any where with a number of options such as changing the login/logout text, login redirection and now an option to display a link directly to the admin area.

How to Use

add_modal_login_button( $login_text = 'Login', $logout_text = 'Logout', $logout_url = '', $show_admin = true )

The add_modal_login_button() function accepts 4 parameters.

Type Parameter Description
String $login_text The text for the login link. Defaults to ‘Login’.
String $logout_text The text for the logout link. Default ‘Logout’.
String $logout_url The url to redirect to when users logout. Empty by default.
Bool $show_admin The setting to display the link to the admin area when logged in.

Are We Missing Something?

Have a feature you were hoping for? Found a bug? Drop me a line via the WordPress.org Support Forum! User feedback is greatly appreciated!